We build bespoke aggregate blending machines to the specific requirements of individual customers with some or all of the following optional adjustments and special solutions including Bi-directional triggers for two loading positions, In-line construction with trailing plants, Bins build cross-over, a transponder system for unmanned truck loading.

Principal Features
Our standard aggregate blending machines, all based on the innovative RV700 design concepts, all have four bins (4 x 3 meters for easy loading with large wheel loaders up to the caterpillar model CAT 988.
The runners supporting the bins provide easy mobility such that the complete unit can be hoisted into place with a single crane lift (16 tons).

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The entire machine has been so designed that it can be transported by a conventional deep-seat vehicle transporter with the need for a special road permit right to the desired site at the customer's quarry or works.
On arrival, assembly is quick and easily accomplished by virtue of the folding sides being raised and bolted in position.

On completion of the installation, our mechanics will provide an introduction and demonstration of the operation of the machine to a specific aggregate mix, if desired.

The bin contents are mechanically and electronically controlled by means of a 'bleed orifice' and a variable frequency vibrating belt to ensure precision accuracy of the desired mix.

Systems , which include the GB 800 conveyor have a delivery capacity of 300 tons per hour; and those with the GB 1000, 700 tons per hour.

All new and refurbished RV700 machines are usually fitted with a very easy to use computer control unit with simple unambiguous primary commands for types and quantities of aggregates and other materials; and secondary commands for functions such as water spray,etc. The computer control system also includes an external vibrator to ensure an even flow from bins containing adhesive materials.

The entire control of the system, including power supply and the emergency conveyor stop is integrated into the permanently mounted cabinet.

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